Dicas para alimentação durante o Inverno

ok, estamos quase no fim do Inverno,
de facto, estamos a horas do Ano Novo Chinês que assinala a entrada na Primavera,
mas mesmo assim, acho por bem facultar-vos este pequeno extracto de um artigo muito interessante que encontrei aqui:


Winter Diet Tips to Balance Your Water Element

Ok, so let’s consider how you can adapt your diet to the Winter season…

Eating in a balanced way and keeping hydrated will prevent a stagnation of fluid in the Kidneys and Bladder and will help support your Kidney Qi.

Avoid raw foods during the Winter as much as possible, as these tend to cool the body. 

Warming food, such as soups and stews, root vegetables, beans, garlic and ginger, are perfect for you at this time of year.

Salty foods, such as salty fish, should be avoided as they have a diuretic effect on the Kidneys and Bladder. You should also reduce your consumption of chilli peppers, smoked foods or excessive amounts of alcohol if you can.

A healthy diet for strengthening your Water element this season would include:
  • Rice (especially brown rice), spaghetti and linseed
  • Beans, sprouts and tofu.
  • White cabbage, yam, potatoes and mushrooms.
  • Beef, chicken, lamb and mussels
  • Grapes, grapefruit, melon and strawberries. 

 KUNG HEI FAT CHOI para todos!!


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