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este artigo aqui:

... é um alerta sobre os tempos modernos e os desequilíbrios que ocorrem na nossa sociedade.
deixo aqui apenas o excerto do que cada um de nós pode fazer para reverter um pouco esta situação:

One Dozen Ways to Eliminate Your Food Waste

The average consumer wastes 61 percent of the food he or she purchases. You can drastically reduce this with the tools and strategies suggested below. Please also refer to our previous article about proper food storage and how to keep your food items fresher.
1Shop WiselyPlan meals, use shopping lists, and avoid impulse buys and “buy one, get one free” deals, unless you’re certain you’ll eat it.
2Buy LocalLocally produced foods are fresher and keep longer, as well as having a smaller ecological footprint.
3Buy Funny-Looking Fruits and VeggiesBuying the “ugly ducklings” of the produce section makes use of food that might otherwise go to waste.
4Learn When Food Goes BadUse-by and best-by dates are only manufacturer suggestions and may cause you to discard food when it is still safe and consumable. Many foods are safe and consumable well after their use-by date.
5Use Your FreezerFreeze fresh produce and leftovers if you won’t have a chance to eat them before they go bad.
6Vacuum PackOne of my all-time favorite tricks, which works for most produce, is to create a “vacuum pack” to help protect food from oxygen and airborne microbes that will accelerate its decay. Leave the produce in the bag it came in from the grocery store, place it against your chest, and use your arm to squeeze the excess air out of the bag. Then seal it with a twist tie. Or use an automatic vacuum sealer like the FoodSaver.
7Start JuicingJuicing is an excellent way to use up aging produce while improving your health at the same time. Vegetable juicing also helps with weight management and is a great adjunct to home gardening. You can also compost the pulp.
8Request Smaller PortionsRestaurants will often provide half-portions upon request at reduced prices.
9Eat LeftoversOnly about half of Americans take leftovers home from restaurants and actually eat them. Avoid this kind of waste.
10Compost Food ScrapsComposting food scraps recycles their nutrients and can reduce their ecological impact. It benefits soil, plants, and the greater environment. Composting is not as difficult as you might think. Read all aboutcomposting here.
11Grow Your Own FoodStart your own vegetable garden! With the square foot gardening technique, even apartment dwellers can learn a simple technique for growing veggies on a small patio.8
12Donate FoodDonate excess food and garden produce to food banks, soup kitchens, pantries, shelters—and your friends and neighbors.

How to Be Part of the Solution

Food waste has become an enormous problem worldwide, as the latest statistics suggest. You can do a number of things to reduce your own food waste, but the rest of the problem must be dealt with system-wide, with an overhaul of our inefficient, unhealthy and extremely wasteful food system.


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